To manage the cost and provide the best products to our customers, we don’t provide delivery at this moment.

Please come to our store to pick up your orders. Thanks for your understanding.

Services & Turnaround

We bake naked cakes from 4 inches – 14 inches. Naked cupcakes, mini naked cupcakes and catering slabs.

We can bake your naked cake to be ready for pickup when you order at least 3 days ahead.
Please speak to us if you have an urgent order.

We also have your cake decorating basics available for you to purchase, from Bakels Fondant icing through to cake boards.

What you will receive

Your naked cake will be baked at 3 – 3.5 inches tall. It will be undecorated without any fillings, cream, ganache or icing. Your naked cake will ready to be trimmed and decorated by you.

To keep our prices at these rates, your naked cake will only be wrapped in kitchen plastic without a box.