Cake Complex

a Professional Baker that people trust

Since 2017

Located in Sydney, Cake Complex is a quality baker that offers a huge variety of Boxed Desserts.

We provide the shelving for our product in your store and our professional driver will come to your shop to collect any products that may expire and give free exchange.

We are happy to provide samples of our product for you to try before ordering.

Love to decorate cakes? But not so keen on the baking?

The Cake Complex was born as it was the dream of the owner to share his 17 years of experience within the baking industry to deliver cakes that would excite and bring a freshness to the cake decorating community.

Anybody who bakes knows that it can be a frustrating and time consuming exercise. Our years of practice, trials, errors and triumphs means we have experimented with different ingredients to formulate the best range of ready to decorate naked cakes that can leave you to do what you love – decorate!

Apart from the traditional favourite flavours and textures that you have all been accustomed to, the Cake Complex’s naked cakes also include a range of Mud Cakes, Marble Cakes, Rainbow Cakes, Butter Cakes & Sponge Cakes.

Make the switch and try the Cake Complex’s difference!

We Are Proud Serving Sydney People And community

Our customers are located in
​all Sydney Coffee Shops, Super Markets, Take Away Shops, Party, Wedding Events, Company Catering …etc


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